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Pebble Walkway Tiles


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Natural Pebble Tiles


Take your home interior and exterior to the next level and surround yourself with luxurious pebble tiles. Easily decorate and design any surface by using genuine sliced polished stones:

  • Kitchen countertop backsplash

  • Shower and bathroom floor and walls

  • Patio flooring

  • Swimming pool decks and walls

  • Wine cellar basements

  • Concrete flooring


Use your imagination…think of the countless ideas and possibilities offered by these unique imported flat mosaic stone tiles originating from the island of Bali, Indonesia.


Easy Do-it-Yourself Installation

Installing these decorative interlocking pebble tiles (hand-crafted) is fun and easy; you don’t have to be an expert nor hire one, and you don’t need to buy any costly tools or materials. Install them yourself―success guaranteed!


Colors and Shapes

We now enable you to easily find online natural pebble tiles designs in various shapes and colors, including white, black, gray, green, sea green, ivory, pastel, porcelain, desert sand, mixed pattern―you name it! Take a look at the entire Product Photo Gallery.


Pleasing to the Touch, Comfortable to Walk On

Each natural stone tile is carefully hand-selected to ensure precise, uniform height in order to create a smooth, comfortable surface to touch and walk on. Install these panels as a bathroom floor, shower pan floor, patio floor, or even as a pool surface or deck.


Best Prices Online

These unique products are imported direct from the manufacturer on the island of Bali, Indonesia and resold to you at wholesale prices never before offered online. Place your order with complete confidence that you beat any other delivered offer. Moreover, as a bonus (time-limited) offer, all orders include FREE shipping within the continental U.S.


We recommend that you first order a small sample: Visit the entire Product Photo Gallery page, and click on the photo of the selected sample of the desired pebble tiles before placing a complete order. This way, you can evaluate color matching for best results and satisfaction.


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